Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care?

In the United States, health services for the elderly are covered primarily by funds from Medicare (federally supported partial sickness insurance for the elderly), Medicaid (health assistance program for the underprivileged, paid for by local authorities , state and federal), Veterans Health Administration, private insurance and refundable payments.

Is Medicare Free?

First of all it is important to learn a little about what Medicare actually is and how it can be of benefit to you. Medicare is available to those 65 and over and have worked and paid taxes in the U.S. for a minimum of 10 years.

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Medicare is a national health insurance program that was created in 1965 by the federal government. It is administered through state agencies that regulate insurance. Medicare does not cover hearing aids.

Who Qualifies for Medicare?

Many United States citizens qualify for enrollment in Medicare at age 65. But did you know that some people may qualify earlier depending on some specific health conditions or disabilities? Do you know how to enroll in Medicare?

How to Compare Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare is a federal healthcare program established by the government. It caters to permanent legal residents in the US who are 65 and over, as well as people with certain disabilities.

Medicare Annual Enrollment 2022

The timeframe for enrolling in a Medicare plan is called an enrollment period.  There are a handful of different enrollment period options that exist for Medicare recipients.  However, each enrollment period throughout the year is very specific.

Medicare Part B Penalty for Late Enrollment

Medicare Part B covers outpatient hospital services, physician services, outpatient hospital services, durable medical equipment, certain home health services, durable medical equipment, and other particular medical and health services.

Understanding the Different Medicare Enrollment Periods

The primary opportunity you have to enroll in Medicare is called the “Medicare Initial Enrollment Period,” or IEP. This is a 7-month window of time. It begins 3 months before you turn 65, your birthday month, and then 3 months after.

What to Do with Medicare When Moving Out of State

Medicare Part A and Part B (Original Medicare) are classified as federal healthcare programs. They do not utilize specific provider networks. What this means for you is that the benefits provided under these plans remain the same.

What to Do When You Need Extra Help with Medicare

Managing your healthcare needs on a tight budget can lead to a lot of stress. When it comes to this problem, you are not alone. Many seniors struggle with increasing prescription drug costs, high deductibles, and very expensive copays.